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UPDATE: What you will read below was written over a year ago on 03/2023 (currently 05/2024). We were proven right in this analysis.

Most Web3 security solutions are free because their main driver isn't their users; it's other companies.

Some are bootstrapped, and some have raised millions of dollars. Their main goal is to collaborate with Web3 companies, for example, wallets, chains, and DApps.

You who are reading this aren't their target customer. Despite their seemingly good intentions, they will never put their efforts into you, and they will always put their customers, other Web3 companies, as their priority.

β€œIf something is free, you are the product.”

You've probably heard of this idea in one way or another. This is the most dangerous aspect of free products. For example, one of Google's and Facebook's uses of your data is to target you with ads.

How can Web3 security solutions use the data of your wallets and your transactions? The possibilities are endless and worrying. We prefer not to elaborate and let you imagine them.

Sentinel3 is built solely for users.

It was built from the ground up with money from the founders Danor and Alex. They had a burning desire to solve a critical issue for mass Web3 adoption: stop people from losing money to scams and hacks in a sustainable way that doesn't rely on selling their users' data. Once they built a working minimum viable product, they quickly tried to find out if there was a product-market fit by making it available to Neo Tokyo citizens. The response was overwhelming: over 600 people bought over 1000 lifetime licenses in only 7 days. This confirmed the product-market fit and resulted in more funds raised than Danor and Metro expected, allowing them to cover previous costs and reinvest in the product.

From their vast experience in cybersecurity, they know there is no earning model for free security tools. It’s not a coincidence that no great security solutions are free. Freemium solutions aim to upsell you into more advanced protection (for example, Malwarebytes). To create a sustainable security solution that will stand against the everchanging security challenges that Web3 faces, companies must have the ability to pay for a big team of cybersecurity professionals and highly talented developers. This is why we believe most free solutions will fail sooner or later... or resort to selling your data.

The choice is yours: you can sell your personal data for a false sense of security... or you can use Sentinel3 and keep your personal data private.

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