5️⃣Designed for everyone

Many Web3 builders make a big mistake designing their products for a minority of experienced users.

Bridging the gap for inexperienced users is one of the keys to mass adoption.

To our knowledge, every other Web3 security solution shares the same foundation: they believe that the key component for Web3 security is transaction translation/simulation.

While it's true that there is no reason why transactions should be hard to understand for users, wallets should improve this natively (unfortunately, they are very slow in releasing much-needed features).

Web3 security solutions that simulate/translate transactions effectively tackle this issue but don't provide real scam protection.

Inexperienced users will flood the Web3 space when the next bull market starts. They will be confused by translations. They'll end up ignoring them or missing out on legitimate opportunities.

Some companies solve today's problems. Excellent companies solve today's and tomorrow's problems.

From its inception, Sentinel3 was designed to be a Web3 security solution for inexperienced and experienced users, catering to the current bear and future bull market.

Sentinel3 requires no Web3 knowledge, allowing inexperienced users to experience a 99.9% scam detection rate, protecting their crypto and NFTs.

Here's what true scam detection looks like:

They try to 'mint' on a scam site, and Sentinel3 blocks the malicious transaction. Simple and effective.

The burden of the decision is initially on Sentinel3. The user can ignore it, but before that, he is presented with a clear warning not to. This is crucial for mass adoption.

Sentinel3 prevents them from interacting with malicious websites without placing the burden of the decision on them.

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