What kind of Web3 scams exist, and which ones does Sentinel3 protect me from?

  1. Wallet Transactions and Signatures These scams happen when you interact with your wallet on a malicious site and execute transactions that can send, grant permission to transfer, or list your NFTs or crypto.

    Sentinel3 protects you with a 99.9% detection rate for these scams.

  2. Seed Phrase and Private Keys Sharing These scams can happen through websites but also through social engineering. If you enter a website that asks for your seed phrase, Sentinel3 will warn you, stopping you from doing it. Sentinel3 will not protect you from sharing your private key on websites. If you give someone else your seed phrase or private key, Sentinel3 can't protect you.

  3. Unauthorized access to your device When someone gets access to the device (PC/Mobile/Tablet) that has your wallet, odds are they can transfer your crypto or NFTs, and there is nothing MintDefense can do to protect you.

  4. Malicious files Sentinel3 is not an antivirus and doesn't protect you from malicious files on your computer.

  5. Rug pulls / poor project management Sentinel3 can't protect you from project founders stopping work or their poor management. Interactions on their websites will be allowed if Sentinel3 deems them legitimate.

A hardware wallet protects you from 3. and 4.

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